About Us

The Perfect Team


Vincelyn Aries M. Rocolcol

Co-Founder & CEO, Marketing Director

"If you believe, you can achieve."


Aldwin Rexter C. Eviota

Co-Founder & COO

"Never give up, never surrender."

"Our Story"

Vince's Story 
Im always fond of selling just about anything under the sun since I was in elementary. From ice candy, pulvuron, yema (it's sort of milk candy), pancake and barbecue. I even tried to venture with avon, I guess it’s the only networking company I joined with. I even tried to sell ukay ukay (thrifty clothes) even until now whenever I have time I still love to shop for others. I guess it’s my passion and I guess I find joy to be of service with other people especially if it’s a good find.

Aldwin's Story
I love gadgets and all there is with technology and video games. I often go abroad to maintain my immigrant visa and we made use of it to buy goodies that we can sell here in the Philippines.

We would say we have a good collaboration and with the use of technology we can cater other market interested with the product/s we’re selling. Thank you and we hope to continue to serve you all.